Behind the Scenes at Factor's Photo Shoot!

Lucky we had a tall photographer!

Our sock "models" were really photogenic! :)

"Laser Skull" had a lot of personality even on its own.

The photo shoot ended with a group finale!


December 05, 2014

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Factor stickers are here! We made stickers to match our Shark Bite, Aloha Blue, and other soccer socks. When you buy socks online, we'll throw in a sticker while supplies last. Hope you like them!

November 25, 2014


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Awesome! Factor reached 100 followers on Instagram. Thanks everyone!

November 16, 2014


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Thanks a bunch!

We're so grateful to all the folks who like Factor! We hope you have lots of fun wearing our soccer socks.

We carefully prepare every order for shipment. 

Then, we mail the socks to you. Thanks again!

Factor Is Here!

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